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How to reach the theater

The theatre “Arena del Sole” is located in the historic centre of Bologna, and is very easy to reach. 


There are bus stops near the theatre:
ARENA DEL SOLE #408 Bus T2: The last bus arrives at 08:20 p.m.
You can take this bus from Bologna Bus Station, and the journey takes only 3 minutes.
VIII AGOSTO #404/#405. This stop is 200 metres from the theatre. Buses A, C, 11, 20, 27. Buses 11,20 and 27 last run at 1 a.m.; while the buses A and C last run at 09:00 p.m.

Single-ride*, daily, or city pass bus tickets that allow 10 trips can be purchased
*A  single-ride ticket lasts 75 minutes since the validation


There are some parking spaces near the Theatre.
There is 24/7 hour secure parking at Piazza VIII Agosto Parking.  (A video surveillance system is in operation).  
Piazzale Autostazione Parking: This car park is 10 minutes’ walk away from the Theatre.  The car park is open 24/7 and is unmanned, but it has a very good video surveillance system.
There is no free parking in Bologna’s historical centre, but there are paid parking places, indicated with blue lines. You will need to pay from 8.00 a.m. till 8.00 p.m.


Bologna has an excellent taxi service. Taxis are available all day, and throughout the night too.
The initial price is either 3,40 € or 5,30 € during the day, while at night (from 10p.m. till 6 a.m.) it costs 6,10€.
On top of this minimum payment, you will then need to pay 1,25€ per kilometre.
If you have a lot of luggage you can request a bigger car, which will cost 0,50€ for every piece of luggage you have.
There is a cab stand right in front of the theatre, or you can call the phone number: +39 051372727

Bike Sharing

Bologna has a bike-sharing scheme called Mobike. If you would like to use this, you will need to download the app on your phone, log-in with an e-mail address and a credit card number, and then you will be able to find the bikes all over the historical centre. You will need to scan the QR-Code that you find behind the bicycle, then unlock the bike and you’re free to go!
A 30 minute ride will cost you 1,00€. 

Main points of interest

Piazza Maggiore If you are in Piazza Maggiore, walk straight ahead in Via Indipendenza and continue walking for about 10 minutes (it’s a distance of about  700 metres). You will see the Theatre on your left.

Due Torri If you are under the beautiful two towers of Bologna, you will have to follow the Via Rizzoli for 400metres, and then turn right and continue your walk for another 400 metres. This route will take you about 15 minutes. Arena del Sole will be on your left.

Bus Station Here you will have to turn left and walk along Via indipendenza for about 500 metres. The Theatre will be on your right.

Train Station Exit via Piazza Medaglie D’Oro and turn left. Then turn right and cross the street.  Continue straight ahead on the Via Indipendenza and walk for 500 metres. The Theatre Arena del Sole will be on your right.